Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-001-151 053772 Landscape/Horticulture Internship
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-001-151 LANDSCAPE/HORTICULTURE INTERNSHIP ...job opportunities in the field, applying scholastic knowledge to practical applications, and cooperation with an employer. (Prerequisites: Accepted to the Landscape Horticulture Program; 10-001-158, Plant-Woody Ornamental; 10-001-159, Flowers-Herbaceous; 10-001-117, Applied Botany; 10-001-116, Horticultural Soils; 10-001-154, Turf Management; 10-001-180, Landscape Installation Intro
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Compare the educational occupational experiences in Landscape Horticulture
  2. Participate in a student intern occupational experience in the area of Horticulture
  3. Apply the scholastic knowledge acquired to internship job tasks
  4. Work with employer in all respects
  5. Perform assigned internship job tasks
  6. Demonstrate cooperative behaviors when performing job tasks
  7. Identify the role of record keeping in the Horticulture Industry
  8. Analyze what it takes to be a successful intern
  9. Identify a specialty field of the Horticulture career that matches personal interests/education based on internship participation