Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-103-170 060334 BA Software Applications
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-103-170 BA SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS ...students will learn to use BA software tools- Visio, Sharepoint, OneNote, and advanced Excel involving scenarios and case studies. (Corequisite: 10-103-132, Micro:Excel Part 2)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
  1. Credit by Exam
Course Competencies
  1. Explore Microsoft Visio components
  2. Use Microsoft OneNote tools
  3. Introduce Predictive Analytics
  4. Introduce Prescriptive Analytics
  5. Use Advanced Microsoft Excel Cash Flow Analysis tools
  6. Use Advanced Microsoft Excel Decision Making Support and Analysis tools
  7. Navigate the SharePoint Team Site
  8. Manage SharePoint Enterprise Content