Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-104-125 053494 Event Marketing
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-104-125 EVENT MARKETING...planning, promotion execution, and evaluation of special events (entertainment, industry, meeting/convention). Students will work toward the actual staging of an event (will require time outside of the classroom setting).
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Explore the Emergence of Event Marketing
  2. Explore External and Internal Contingencies affecting Sports/Ent. marketing
  3. Identify Participants as Consumers
  4. Identify Spectators as Consumers
  5. Explore Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  6. Identify Sports/Event Product Concepts
  7. Identify Sports/Event Promotion Concepts
  8. Identify Sports/Event Sponsorship Programs
  9. Identify Sports/Event Pricing Concepts
  10. Coordinate Facilities and Event Planning
  11. Coordinate Advertising/Promotions/Communications
  12. Develop a Sponsorship Team