Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-110-122 021247 Creditor/Debtor Relations
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-110-122 CREDITOR/DEBTOR RELATIONS rights of creditors and debtors, collection of outstanding debts, execution of judgments, small claims court, bankruptcy procedures, and filing bankruptcy petitions and schedules. (Associate Degree Prerequisite: 10-110-101, Paralegal Intro/Legal Ethics with a "C" or better; Technical Diploma Corequisite: 10-110-101, Paralegal Intro/Legal Ethics)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Examine how debt is created.
  2. Prepare debt creation documents.
  3. Explain types of loans, credit arrangements and credit reporting practices.
  4. Differentiate between security interests in real property and personal property.
  5. Examine Wisconsin debt collection court procedures.
  6. Examine the effect of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act on debt collection.
  7. Compose debt collection documents.
  8. Examine the federal bankruptcy court system.
  9. Differentiate between types of bankruptcy claims.
  10. Identify the property of the estate after bankruptcy is filed.
  11. Prepare Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy petitions.
  12. Prepare a Chapter 11 plan for reorganization for a small business.