Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-196-136 021608 Safety in the Workplace
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-196-136 SAFETY-WORKPLACE awareness, federal/state/local compliance, inspections, risk analysis, workplace violence, substance abuse, health hazards, first aid, CPR, fire and electrical safety, and emergency preparedness.
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Measure compliance with all federal, state, local and company safety/health regulations and policies.
  2. Analyze accidents and illness
  3. Use effective human relations techniques with regards to safety.
  4. Organize safety inspections.
  5. Minimize the risk of chemical, physical, ergonomic and biological hazards in the work place.
  6. Explore issues of workplace violence and substance abuse.
  7. Communicate Blood Borne Pathogens policies and procedures.
  8. Create an effective fire protection program.
  9. Develop emergency preparedness plans.