Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-307-187 055903 ECE: Children w Differing Abilities
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-307-187 ECE: CHILDREN WITH DIFFERING ABILITIES ...differing abilities in early childhood settings. Anti-bias perspectives, inclusion, ADA/IDEA, typical and exceptional development; physical, cognitive, health/medical, communication, and/or behavioral/emotional disorders; community and professional resources; IEP/IFSP, adapt curriculum, cultivate partnerships. (Prerequisite: 10-307-175, ECE: Preschool Practicum OR accepted in Early Childhood Inclusion Certificate 9030712)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Integrate strategies that support diversity, cultural responsiveness, and anti-bias perspectives.
  2. Promote inclusive programs for young children.
  3. Apply legal and ethical requirements including, but not limited to, ADA and IDEA
  4. Examine the consultation process to embed intervention in natural based settings.
  5. Differentiate between typical and exceptional development.
  6. Analyze the differing abilities of children with physical, cognitive, health/medical, communication and/or behavioral/emotional disorders.
  7. Identify community and professional resources.
  8. Interpret an individual educational plan (IEP/IFSP) for children with developmental differences.
  9. Adapt curriculum to meet the needs of children with developmental differences.
  10. Examine strategies for cultivating partnerships with families who have children with developmental differences.