Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-506-150 058874 Environmental Microbiology
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-506-150 ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY...a study of the background and role of bacterial analysis. Sampling and analytic methods including quality control procedures and environmental parameters are studied and related to applicable standards. (Prerequisite: 10-506-147, Environmental Biology)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Apply Lab Safety
  2. Practice Proper Sampling Techniques
  3. Write appropriate bacteriological report forms and lab notebook
  4. Apply Proper Preservation and Storage Techniques
  5. Explain Laboratory Equipment and Instruments
  6. Apply proper handling and examination of microbiological cultures
  7. Classify Microorganisms Based on Differentiating Characteristics
  8. Explain the connection between microbiological samples and public notification
  9. Describe microbial cell structures and their metabolic functions
  10. Examine the chemical and physical requirements for microbial growth and growth control.
  11. Analyze the interactions and impact of microorganisms on humans
  12. Examine the natural roles of microorganisms in the environment and their contributions to the ecological balance.
  13. Analyze the methods used for assessing water quality and purifying contaminated water and soil.
  14. Explain how microorganisms are used in water and wastewater treatment
  15. Explain the Quality Assurance / Quality Control System