Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-506-151 058875 Wastewater Treatment & Analysis
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-506-151 WASTEWATER TREATMENT & ANALYSIS ...physical, chemical, and biological principles of operation of wastewater treatment systems. The basic unit processes, control parameters, and mathematical problem-solving related to collection systems and treatment facilities are introduced. Laboratory procedures and practices involved with operation of wastewater analysis and treatment including industrial waste treatment technologies. (Prerequisite: 10-506-148, Environmental Chem Analysis)
Total Credits4
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Classify sources and characteristics of wastewater
  2. Identify wastewater collection systems parameters
  3. Characterize wastewater treatment plant processes
  4. Explain wastewater treatment plant monitoring
  5. Describe wastewater treatment plant operation & management
  6. Summarize wastewater treatment plant maintenance
  7. Explain wastewater treatment plant equipment
  8. Explain proper plant safety strategies
  9. Apply Environmental Compliance to Wastewater and Water Treatment Facilities
  10. Apply Lab Safety
  11. Practice Proper Sampling Techniques
  12. Write a Legally Defendable Laboratory Notebook
  13. Apply Proper Preservation and Storage Techniques
  14. Explain Laboratory Equipment and Instruments
  15. Apply General Lab Practices
  16. Calculate Statistical Analysis of Data and Treatment Plant Typical Parameters
  17. Explain biosolids/sludge processing, handling, and land application
  18. Interpret Analyses of Wastewater
  19. Examine methods for monitoring wastewater flow rate
  20. Explain the Quality Assurance / Quality Control System