Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-508-105 056776 Dental Hygiene Process 1
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-508-105 DENTAL HYGIENE PROCESS 1...introduces Dental Hygiene students to the basic technical/clinical skills required of practicing Dental Hygienists including use of basic dental equipment, examination of patients, and procedures within the dental unit. Under the direct supervision of an instructor, students integrate hands-on skills with entry-level critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The course also reinforces the application of Dental Health Safety skills. (Prerequisites: 10-806-186, Intro to Biochemistry; 10-508-101, Dental Health Safety; Corequisite: 10-508-102, DH-Oral Anatomy, Embry & Histology; 10-508-103, Dental Radiography)
Total Credits4
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Operate the dental unit
  2. Position patient, clinician, and equipment
  3. Provide patient comfort
  4. Manipulate the mouth mirror
  5. Perform extraoral examinations
  6. Perform intraoral examinations
  7. Manipulate periodontal probe
  8. Perform gingival examination
  9. Manipulate dental explorers
  10. Assess the oral hygiene status
  11. Demonstrate proper tooth brushing and interdental cleaning techniques
  12. Chart restorations and existing conditions of dentition
  13. Document treatment, oral findings, procedures, and dental hygiene services that have been performed
  14. Manipulate anterior scalers
  15. Manipulate posterior scalers
  16. Manipulate anterior area specific curettes
  17. Manipulate posterior area-specific curettes
  18. Manipulate universal curettes
  19. Perform polishing procedure
  20. Sharpen dental instruments
  21. Acquire intraoral photographs (optional)
  22. Classify instruments
  23. Interpret vital signs on clinic patients
  24. Interpret the collected medical history in treatment decisions