Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-515-113 058117 Respiratory Life Support
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-515-113 RESPIRATORY LIFE SUPPORT ...focuses on management of adult ventilatory support. Emphasis is placed on promotion of evidence-based practice using established clinical practice guidelines and published research for its relevance to patient care. (Prerequisites: 10-515-172, Respiratory Therapeutics 2; 10-515-174, Respiratory/Cardiac Physiology; 10-515-175, Respiratory Clinical 1)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Assess the need for mechanical ventilation
  2. Explain general principles of mechanical ventilation
  3. Apply non-invasive mechanical ventilation
  4. Apply invasive mechanical ventilation
  5. Operate various ventilators
  6. Interpret waveforms and graphics
  7. Evaluate patient response to mechanical ventilation
  8. Apply weaning techniques to mechanically ventilated patients
  9. Analyze the legal and ethical implications of initiation, continuation, and withdrawal of life support
  10. Correlate mechanical ventilation strategies to various disease states