Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-515-179 055812 Respiratory Clinical 3
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-515-179 RESPIRATORY CLINICAL 3...continued development of Respiratory Therapy clinical skills including respiratory therapeutics. Focuses on monitoring, analyzing and interpreting data to make appropriate modifications in patient care. Emphasis is placed on promotion of evidence-based practice using established clinical practice guidelines and published research for its relevance to patient care. (Corequisite: 10-515-178, Respiratory Clinical 2)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Demonstrate competence in 19 clinical competencies
  2. Apply standard precautions R
  3. Assess vital signs R
  4. Perform pulse oximetry R
  5. Perform chart review R
  6. Demonstrate cylinder safety R
  7. Administer oxygen therapy R
  8. Perform incentive spirometry R
  9. Administer humidity therapy R
  10. Perform open system suctioning R
  11. Perform closed system suctioning R
  12. Perform extubation R
  13. Perform arterial puncture R
  14. Set up a various types of ventilators R
  15. Perform cuff pressures R
  16. Change a mode on a ventilator R
  17. Apply non-invasive positive pressure ventilation R
  18. Administer aerosolized medication therapy R
  19. Perform a pulmonary exam R
  20. Check a ventilator R
  21. Perform weaning parameters R
  22. Educate a patient in inhaler use R
  23. Administer Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing Therapy (IPPB) S
  24. Perform bronchial hygiene adjuncts (flutter, pep, vest) S
  25. Administer chest physical therapy S
  26. Set up large volume medication nebulizer S
  27. Change ventilator circuit S
  28. Assist with intubation S
  29. Perform daily trach care S
  30. Perform nasotracheal suctioning S
  31. Perform capnography S
  32. Perform screening spirometry S
  33. Administer bland aerosol therapy S
  34. Perform manual ventilation S
  35. Perform 12 lead EKGs S
  36. Perform mechanical ventilation of the neonate/pediatric patient S
  37. Perform a trach change O
  38. Perform spirometry (full pulmonary function test) O
  39. Perform arterial draw off a line O
  40. Perform sputum induction O
  41. Assist with bronchoscopy O
  42. Assist with thoracentesis O
  43. Set up heliox O
  44. Set up nitric oxide O
  45. Perform transcutaneous monitoring O
  46. Measure hemodynamics O
  47. Evaluate pleural drainage systems O
  48. Perform sleep studies O
  49. Assist with sleep lab procedures O
  50. Utilize liquid oxygen systems and oxygen concentrators O