Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-515-183 055816 Respiratory Clinical 5
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-515-183 RESPIRATORY CLINICAL 5 ...Focuses on the completion of respiratory therapy competencies and transition to employment. Emphasis is placed on promotion of evidence-based practice using established clinical practice guidelines and published research for its relevance to patient care. (Corequisite: 10-515-182, Respiratory Clinical 4)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Demonstrate competence in all of the required and required/simulated clinical competencies
  2. Develop a plan for making the transition from student to practicing respiratory therapist
  3. Prepare for the mock board exams (SAE)
  4. Apply standard precautions R
  5. Assess vital signs R
  6. Perform pulse oximetry R
  7. Perform chart review R
  8. Demonstrate cylinder safety R
  9. Administer oxygen therapy R
  10. Perform incentive spirometry R
  11. Administer humidity therapy R
  12. Perform open system suctioning R
  13. Perform closed system suctioning R
  14. Perform extubation R
  15. Perform arterial puncture R
  16. Set up a various types of ventilators R
  17. Perform cuff pressures R
  18. Change a mode on a ventilator R
  19. Apply non-invasive positive pressure ventilation R
  20. Administer aerosolized medication therapy R
  21. Perform a pulmonary exam R
  22. Check a ventilator R
  23. Perform weaning parameters R
  24. Educate a patient in inhaler use R
  25. Administer Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing Therapy (IPPB) S
  26. Perform bronchial hygiene adjuncts (flutter, pep, vest) S
  27. Administer chest physical therapy S
  28. Set up large volume medication nebulizer S
  29. Change ventilator circuit S
  30. Assist with intubation S
  31. Perform daily trach care S
  32. Perform nasotracheal suctioning S
  33. Perform capnography S
  34. Perform screening spirometry S
  35. Administer bland aerosol therapy S
  36. Perform manual ventilation S
  37. Perform 12 lead EKGs S
  38. Perform mechanical ventilation of the neonate/pediatric patient S
  39. Perform a trach change O
  40. Perform spirometry (full pulmonary function test) O
  41. Perform arterial draw off a line O
  42. Perform sputum induction O
  43. Assist with bronchoscopy O
  44. Assist with thoracentesis O
  45. Set up heliox O
  46. Set up nitric oxide O
  47. Perform transcutaneous monitoring O
  48. Measure hemodynamics O
  49. Evaluate pleural drainage systems O
  50. Perform sleep studies O
  51. Assist with sleep lab procedures O
  52. Utilize liquid oxygen systems and oxygen concentrators O