Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-546-115 059568 Exercise Testing & Prescription
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-546-115 EXERCISE TESTING & PRESCRIPTION ...apply exercise theory to assess and develop interventional wellness-related exercise programs for individuals and groups. Assess exercise risk factors and implement safety measure to assure client safety. (Prerequisite: 10-546-105 Wellness Kinesiology)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Identify through the use of preassesment screening tools and techniques individual risks related to health, physical activity and lifestyle.
  2. Determine appropriate assessments and screenings for all components of health and skill related fitness.
  3. Identify the components of fitness program planning and exercise prescription.
  4. Examine various exercise techniques and strategists for the development of health and skill related fitness components.
  5. Examine corrective exercise and functional training techniques and strategies.
  6. Administer field and laboratory tests for the appraisal of an individual's health, medical, lifestyle and physical fitness status.
  7. Design individualized physical activity programs to asymptomatic individuals or those who have been cleared by physicians.
  8. Implement physical activity programs in a safe and effective manner and modify them as necessary to achieve client goals.
  9. Explain exercise management techniques used for persons with chronic diseases and disabilities.
  10. Research, abstract and present current information related to physical fitness testing and exercise prescription.
  11. Evaluate personal training, exercise and group fitness certifications.