Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-614-233 059254 Architectural Model Design
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-614-233 ARCHITECTURAL MODEL DESIGN ...planning and construction of architectural models focusing on layout, fabrication, material selection, painting, attention to details, project planning, portfolio creation and presentation. (Prerequisites: 10-614-152, Prototype Introduction to; 10-606-113, CAD)
Total Credits4
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Explore architectural design industry
  2. Utilize architectural terms
  3. Examine scale factors
  4. Examine blue print reading
  5. Utilize shop computer programs
  6. Identify architectural model materials
  7. Explore Laser engraving technologies
  8. Explore topography
  9. Explore landscape material
  10. Practice texture painting
  11. Construct dust cover
  12. Construct display base
  13. Construct scaled architectural replica
  14. Create student portfolio
  15. Follow Material Shop Safety