Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
10-614-276 059256 Model Finishing
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description10-614-276 MODEL FINISHING ...using a variety of spray guns and air brushes to apply paint products to a number of different surfaces. Proper preparation, sanding, masking, and vinyl stenciling procedures will be covered as well as correct clear coat buffing and polishing.
Total Credits2
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. integrate the information, policies and guidelines outlined in the course syllabus in their lab work and attendance patterns.
  2. identify the safety hazards that exist when applying industrial finishes and evaluate the information found on MSDS sheets.
  3. apply a variety of finishes that are typically used in the model building industry.
  4. maintain an airbrush and/or spray gun and troubleshoot problems that may arise when using one.
  5. employ a variety of methods of applying an industrial finish.
  6. produce a suitable finish on a variety of different materials that are typically used in the model building industry.
  7. implement a variety of practical and basic airbrush techniques and principles.
  8. create a variety of special effects and textures utilizing the airbrush, spray gun and brush.
  9. mix custom colors using the primary colors with the aid of a color wheel.
  10. observe the application of a variety of industrial finishes by attending several field trips to local industries.