Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
31-413-336 053761 Line Electrician Field Training 2-A
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description31-413-336 LINE ELECTRICIAN FIELD TRAINING 2-A ...This course focuses on the installation of underground lines and equipment, underground troubleshooting, and trencher operation. Students will also learn the construction and design of single phase transformers. (Prerequisite: 31-413-330, Line Electrician Field Training 1)
Total Credits5
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Layout of the Underground Distribution (UD) system
  2. Operate Underground Distribution (UD) excavating equipment
  3. Install Underground Distribution (UD) transformers/equipment
  4. Demonstrate proper procedure for entering manhole
  5. Demonstrate proper work procedures inside manhole
  6. Install poles in single/three-phase system
  7. Frame poles for single/three-phase
  8. Perform proper pole climbing
  9. Perform proper truck operation
  10. Use hand and power tools
  11. Tie knots and splice ropes
  12. Demonstrate rigging techniques
  13. Install low pressure natural gas line
  14. Operate construction equipment
  15. Perform plastic pipe heat fusion procedures