Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
31-512-327 055791 ST: Introduction
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description31-512-327 ST: INTRODUCTION ...provides the foundational knowledge of disinfection, sterilization, infection control, and asepsis. Legal and ethical issues encountered in the healthcare environment are explored. Simulated laboratory practice enables the learner to develop beginning technical skills. (Prerequisites: 31-509-302, Human Body in Health & Disease; 10-501-101, Medical Terminology; Accepted into the Surgical Technologist Program; Corequisite: 31-512-326, ST: Infection Control)
Total Credits4
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Explore the surgical technologist scope of practice
  2. Outline the physical environment of the surgical suite within the healthcare facility
  3. Incorporate methods of infection control in the surgical environment
  4. Adhere to the principles of sterile technique
  5. Prepare the operating room
  6. Examine legal, ethical, and moral issues related to surgical technology
  7. Perform initial steps for starting a surgical procedure
  8. Demonstrate the assembly, care, and utilization of surgical accessory equipment
  9. Demonstrate principles of safe patient transport/transfer
  10. Assist the surgical team members with basic patient positioning
  11. Analyze principles of hemostasis
  12. Compare and contrast typical wound closure materials
  13. Classify pharmacological agents according to use in the surgical environment
  14. Identify methods, techniques, and complications of anesthetic administration
  15. Demonstrate the duties of the assistant circulator