Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
31-512-329 055793 ST: Fundamentals 2
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description31-512-329 ST: FUNDAMENTALS 2 ...builds upon and reinforces the role of the Surgical Technologist as a member of the operating room team. Discusses care of the patient before, during and after surgery with emphasis on surgical wounds, wound closure material, and vital signs. Includes lecture and lab experiences. (Corequisites: 31-512-327, ST: Introduction; 31-512-328, ST: Fundamentals 1)
Total Credits2
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Classify surgical wounds
  2. Compare and contrast specialized wound closure materials
  3. Analyze the biopsychosocial needs of the patient
  4. Summarize preoperative physical preparation of the surgical patient
  5. Measure vital signs
  6. Summarize postoperative patient care
  7. Compare and contrast professional organizations and credentialing within the profession
  8. Evaluate common sources of documentation utilized in the OR
  9. Maintain a professional image as a surg tech
  10. Prepare for employment as a surg tech
  11. Differentiate among types of surgical specialty equipment
  12. Prepare catheters and drains for use
  13. Examine the role of a Surgical Technologist in hazard preparedness
  14. Examine emergency situations that may arise in the surgical setting