Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
31-512-332 055796 ST: Clinical 2
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description31-512-332 ST: CLINICAL 2...further experience in a clinical setting allows the student to continue to improve technical skills while accepting more responsibilities during surgical procedures. (Prerequisites: 31-512-329, ST: Fundamentals 2; 31-512-330, ST: Clinical 1; Corequisites: 31-512-331, ST: Surgical Procedures; 31-512-339, ST: Bridge to Clinical 2)
Total Credits4
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Adapt to clinical site with supervision
  2. Practice standard precautions with supervision
  3. Maintain sterile technique with supervision
  4. Perform preoperative case management with supervision
  5. Perform intraoperative scrub techniques with supervision
  6. Perform postoperative case management with supervision
  7. Operate within the legal, moral, and ethical responsibilities of the surg tech with supervision
  8. Manage pharmacological agents with supervision
  9. Demonstrate professionalism with supervision
  10. Assist with circulating duties with supervision