Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
32-420-335 053518 CNC Turning Operation
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description32-420-335 CNC TURNING OPERATION overview, production planning, machine start-up, control panel operations, CNC control tools, operational codes and functions, operation modes and CNC code generation. (Prerequisite: 31-420-361 Integrating Machine Tools)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Examine lathe components and principles of operation
  2. Identify the coordinate system and directions of movement
  3. Control machine movements
  4. Determine machining operations and related tooling
  5. Compare EIA and conversational programming
  6. Define basic programming codes
  7. Discuss various methods of programming
  8. Employ manual machine controls
  9. Compare measurement systems and absolute/incremenetal programming concepts
  10. Review conversational programming methods on various controls
  11. Establish tool setup data and offsets
  12. Prepare the CNC machine for operation
  13. Investigate methods to improve finished part quality
  14. Troubleshoot tooling problems
  15. Troubleshoot programming problems
  16. Plan order of operations from print information
  17. Plan out required tooling and fixturing
  18. Set up fixturing for required machined part
  19. Practice use of canned programming cycles
  20. Verify and test the program prior to machining
  21. Produce a finished part from a CNC program
  22. Practice advanced program editing techniques