Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
32-420-336 053519 CNC Machining Center Operation
Outline of Instruction

Course Information
Description32-420-336 CNC MACHINING CENTER OPERATION overview, production planning, machine start-up, control panel operations, CNC control tools, operational codes and functions, operation modes and CNC code generation. (Prerequisite: 31-420-361, Integrating Machine Tools)
Total Credits3
Prior Learning Assessments
Course Competencies
  1. Reveiw safety procedures
  2. Investigate basic machining center principles
  3. Identify the components of the machining center control
  4. Identify machining center coordinate grid system
  5. Reveiw machining center tools and operations
  6. Demonstrate machining center control movement within the coordinate grid system
  7. Use manual machine controls
  8. Demonstrate machine start-up procedure
  9. Develop job plan
  10. Reveiw machining center operation and program execution
  11. Create simple EIA programs
  12. Load and edit programs in machine control
  13. Select and install proper tooling
  14. Demonstrate establishing tool length offsets and cutter radius compensation
  15. Select proper work holding device
  16. Locate part zero in the coordinate grid
  17. Verify program using machining center graphics
  18. Demonstrate part production
  19. Identify and troubleshoot piece part variations
  20. Create advanced CNC program using subprograms and conversational programing techniques